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Revisiting Our Old Home - Blue Peacock Painted Living Room!

This weekend we had the pleasure of visiting our old house down the street! We moved seven houses down in March of 2021. And yes, while our new home was on John’s 2016 vision board, there will always be a soft spot in our hearts for the home that made us Memphis Midtowners!  The new owners invited us over for the sweetest baby sip n see and the best part about it was that Johnny got to visit the old house that he has been missing a ton!  Seriously every single time we pass by in the car or on a walk he asks when he is going to get to visit his old room. At the party he toured with John and when seeing the master bedroom he exclaimed, “Oh wow it’s a mommy and daddy’s bedroom just like it was my mommy and daddy’s bedroom!”


You may remember how I painted the formal living room during the height of covid as a One Room Challenge. It was the perfect distraction that I needed with a new baby and the chaos of feeling stuck at home. I knew I wanted to a jewel tone color for the walls and to make the room feel rich and snug so I chose Sherwin-Williams is blue peacock in a high gloss.  You can read about the one room challenge here linked.
I have admired the peacock as inspiration for a while now as many as you may see in my Instagram stories I love painting there and colorful feathers. The first painting I did without background sheet music on it was a Peacock and I’ve been hooked on the subject ever since.  That painting now sits proudly in our dining room.
The peacock series I did previously this year was really fun and I explored the bird and a variety of art mediums.  You can see some of the original works that are available in the shop here. My favorite is the pairing of the peacocks Poppin' bubbly sitting a top verve Clicquot champagne bottles. What’s more regal than that?!
It was such a fun surprise to see that the new owners have kept the color of the living room! It has held up wonderfully and their new set up looks inviting and cozy in it. 
Returning to the space really made me want to pull some deep dark jewel tones in a high gloss wall paint into our new home. What do you think? Would you paint a room in a blue peacock? One of the new projects in our home is redecorating the study behind the stunning stained glass window that overlooks our foyer. I definitely need to choose a tone that will match the stain glass. You’ll feel like you’re in a jewel box!  My options are a shade of emerald, burgundy, or navy. Which one would you choose for a study with bookshelves? Thinking regal, rich, with a leather sofa to lounge on...

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