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One Year in Our Vision Board Dream Home!

stained glass home3.10.22 marks the one year anniversary of living in our dream home! And yes, DREAM HOME. 🏡 Back up to 1.15.21 when my view on life changed for forever. That day I listened to @cathy.heller’s Don’t Keep Your Day Job podcast on my way to the antique mall to try out #DorothyArtYAYorNAY for the FIRST time. I was so nervous but knew I was meant to grow in that way.
That afternoon I met with an architect to show our kitchen I had wanted to renovate since we bought the house in 2014. We were questioning, to reno or move? We were 99% in reno thoughts. The night before a house down the street came on the market and SOMEHOW I convinced John to go see it after work. A big outing on a covid winter Friday night! The entire time we walked through I kept seeing SPECIFIC details I had said I wanted in a forever home. A pool that wraps around so everyone can sit on a step, two dishwashers, wood paneled room, playroom with a pool table, walk in attic, stained glass window, grand staircase, sunroom, foyer that’s big enough to entertain in for a party, no backyard to mow just a courtyard, pool house, a back house to rent out…the list goes on and on.

Again, I thought we were probably wasting @halliebiggs_realtor time by making her see it on a Friday night! This was too grand for us. The molding alone was INSANE! And then we went back to our home, just a block away. John walked upstairs to his medicine cabinet and came back down with his vision board he made in Jan 2016. On it…THE HOUSE. Not one like it, not across the street, THE HOUSE. Here’s his vision board  - Tesla still in the works but the bling boy and girl were on there before we had them. 😊 

And that’s the ultimate story of how I learned thoughts become things. It’s only been a year in our forever home and my life has changed tenfold because I’ve seen a photo on a piece of paper (that we forgot about for 5 years!) become a reality. ASK for what you want. DREAM and VISUALIZE. The Universe would never put a dream inside you that you do not deserve or something that cannot become a reality. We are not in control of the WHEN or the HOW. Just the WHAT. WHAT do YOU WANT? Thank you to my ultimate visualizer, @johnstuartcollier who showed me the way to possibilities!

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