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"Big Leap" Tiger from Rainbow Fauna

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14x17" acrylic on vintage frame, wired on back for easy hanging, signed by Dorothy


"Big Leap" is a captivating acrylic painting that combines vivid colors, imaginative elements, and a touch of nostalgia to create a visually stunning and thought-provoking artwork. The focal point of the piece is a magnificent pink tiger, dynamically frozen in mid-air, as if caught in a moment of exhilaration and grace.

The vibrant pink tiger, with its meticulously rendered details and expressive eyes, stands out against the contrasting background of a rainbow composed of turquoise, navy, and hot pink hues. The rainbow itself is an ethereal display of colors, seemingly woven together in harmonious synergy. The choice of these particular colors evokes a sense of playfulness, wonder, and boundless imagination.

Adding to the enchanting atmosphere, the canvas is enclosed within a vintage purple frame, which provides a touch of nostalgia and evokes a feeling of stepping into a bygone era. The frame's ornate carvings and weathered texture enhance the overall aesthetic appeal, drawing the viewer's attention further into the artwork.

The composition of the painting exudes a sense of movement and energy. The tiger's powerful leap off the rainbow conveys a metaphorical sense of freedom and independence, symbolizing the courage to break away from constraints and embrace one's true self. It invites viewers to contemplate the idea of embracing individuality, following their passions, and embarking on extraordinary journeys.

"Big Leap" is a visual feast, blending vibrant colors, fantastical elements, and vintage aesthetics to create a captivating and uplifting experience for the viewer. It serves as a reminder of the endless possibilities that lie beyond conformity, encouraging us to embrace our uniqueness and embrace the vibrant tapestry of life.