Book Collages - Red - Dorothy Art

Book Collages - Red

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Gallery wrapped (thick sides so no need to frame

24x30” canvas 

Wired for easy hanging 

Signed by artist, Dorothy Collier


Both the vintage paint by numbers and the book collages have given me a new freedom within my studio practice, reminding me in finding beauty in things past and that artmaking is meant to be a joyful experience, filled with memories of happiness.  I'm thrilled to report that in creating both of these series, I have a newfound sense of whimsy at the easel and I'm thrilled to be sharing that burst of creativity for you and your home.  These mixed media pieces are capsules of vintage art history, through the found already painted paint-by-numbers (who created that piece, knowing that anyone can be an artist with a little help of an outline?), the scale practice sheet music throughout the background (who was sitting at the piano, practicing?), and through the found book covers that I have been hiding in my studio for my own eyes for years.  (Who wrote that book?  Who enjoyed that story they read?)

I hope you find as much excitement in this simplistic discovery of what's around you and notice how easy it can be to be creative in any sense of the matter.