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“Portraits of Puzzling Times” Collection Release

Dorothy Collier poses with her most recent work, neon monochromatic portraits


💖What do you think they’re thinking?🤨#portraitsofpuzzlingtimes 🧩 Y’all... I am really pumped about my little puzzling creative project!  I feel like these ladies have a million things they want to spill their guts about what they’ve been through in the last month. 💕

This whole stay at home time has been an utter emotional whirlwind. Some days I feel like I have “everything under control” and some I’ve been known to declare it a pajama day and throw in the towel. And my problems are lofty and then I have guilt about that.

I knew I needed to start creating more than I have been in the last two years because in emotional times I sometimes forget to create and when I finally do it is such a therapeutic time in the studio. So I have been making and making, one because I’m physically home now and around my supplies, and two, I knew if I didn’t I wouldn’t be myself.

I am so proud of myself for jumping into the unknown and what was previously “scary” for me, figures and portraits. Just because I hadn’t created any portraits in years and so therefore I had told myself that I couldn’t create that, “that wasn’t what I painted,” whatever excuse I could find.  With new materials - oil pastels with oil paint on a textured canvas panel and spray glitter boarders! - and a new limited palette 🎨 I really pushed myself from uncomfortable to renewed energy and I’m so glad I did. Here’s to new.

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