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Peacocks are Flocking into the Dorothy Art Studio this March!

The first peacock Dorothy painted was a commission almost a decade ago and from there she was hooked with the decorative bird!  Peacock feathers don her centerpieces and Christmas tree.  She is exploring the subject further, bringing peacocks onto a wide range of paintings and items for your home from oil paintings, fine art prints, silk scarves, and personalized stationery. 

When brainstorming new subjects for her Rorschach series Dorothy knew that the feathers fanning in a symmetrical pattern on the page would work well for the medium and painting technique.

Keeping with the symmetrical fanning form, Dorothy created a digital drawing of the peacock, which became a fine art print with different background colors to choose from. These are perfect for mixing and matching with Dorothy's other animal and chinoiserie prints for a refined gallery look. 

The main event for the series is the pairing of "Peacocks Poppin' Bubbly," oil on board, resined.  These two have Dorothy's heart. "As an artist it's thrilling when a subject or image is screaming in your head that you have to get it out onto the canvas then and there.  I practically raced to the studio!"







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