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One Room Challenge Week Two, Paint Color Reveal

Introducing my newest love, 🦚 Blue Peacock! 🦚 The living room’s fresh coat of Sherwin Williams Blue Peacock in high gloss is the thrilling foundation I wanted when starting this One Room Challenge. Working with Riggins Painting here in Memphis, Tennessee was SEAMLESS! They are very impressive.

I cannot wait to show you more in the coming weeks!!! I told myself that I wanted to be bold, embrace maximalism.  I told myself that if it felt risky, then do it. When the painters came out, they let me choose four samples to paint.  The upper right is Sherwin Williams cascades (too green, our master bedroom is a great emerald green so didn’t want to be too close to that.  Upper left is Sherwin Williams Moscow Midnight (too close to Johnny’s bedroom that’s navy) Lower left is Sherwin Williams Blue Peacock (WINNER! Bold, still bright enough to see in the dark at night with no overhead lighting - this room gets very dark at night) and lower right is Farrow and Ball Hague Blue (while stunning, I knew at night it would read black.)

So yes, brightest option chosen all while highlighting our antique and vintage pieces that were once our grandparents’.

This piece will probably get recovered, and it’s ironic that I’m sharing this child’s chair because I’m *specifically* redecorating our living room so it’s an oasis away from all of the kids’ plastic toys  at the end of a long day.

This chippendale chair is a sample piece that my grandmother had made as a potential product for her two antique shops and she was going to take to market to sell wholesale. Ultimately they couldn’t get the manufacturing costs down from what I’m told so only a couple of them were made. This is the chair I sat in every Christmas morning at their home in Greenwood, Mississippi until I couldn’t fit anymore and then I moved my annual “Christmas spot” to the piano bench. Everyone had a designated spot when opening Christmas presents and we all had to go in rounds watching each other open. We even clap at the end of each gift and some presents command a of the entire family. 

That’s why I love family heirlooms. It’s not the actual piece, while possibly fine and grand, it’s the memories behind them.

What’s one piece passed down you hold dear?

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