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One Room Challenge Week 3! I made a mood board!


Well, I probably should have created this a while back, before I actually started purchasing things for the living room's overhaul in the One Room Challenge.  But, when I started digging Pinterest for inspiration, I started purchasing and it kind of fell into place at that point.

So many things to share!  My top two goals for this room were to 1) to be daring and embrace maximalism while still keeping all antiques 2) to be comfortable for John's and my evening tv showtime, while still being formal, as this is the main room where everyone gathers for large cocktail parties.  I want bold statement pieces of art with pops of color all around.

I'll give the play by play on the new furniture then the art.  Not too many new pieces as far as furniture goes.  We needed comfortable pieces, since we're transitioning from laying on the sofa in the den every night to watch tv.  I swore I'd never own a recliner, but here I am.  I found two velvet studded chairs that recline, the Islas on Joss & Main.  I decided to go with two different colors, this burgundy and an emerald green. Unfortunately they're already not showing up on the site.  I believe they were on sale and some of the last...sorry! Why is it that the only chic modern furniture right now is velvet?!  Anyway... they arrived last night and we have yet to unbox.  Praying they're pass John's test.  Otherwise I'll never get to experience my adult living room sans play toys landmine.  I'm not sure how much these will truly recline and I love an ottoman, so was thinking of grabbing some moroccan poufs to pair with the sofa.  My local Memphis artist friend, Brittney Bullock, is exploring fabrics in her work and just created this! Hoping she can create something for me in the coming weeks. Truly form meets function. 


The largest piece of furniture in the room is our gorgeous federal sofa, passed down from John's maternal grandmother.  I believe they purchased it years ago from an antique shop on Royal Street in New Orleans.  We have not recovered it and while the light blue fabric worked wonderfully in the last living room iteration, time for something new.  I reached out to one of my favorite local artists, Kyle Taylor to see if he could translate his killer Memphis toile wallpaper into fabric to recover the sofa.  Stay tuned!!!

There's only so much space in this living room, it all needs to fit within the gorgeous antique rug passed down from John's mom, and so I am switching out our big iron and glass coffee table for acrylic ones.  Visually lightening up the room, giving your eye a rest. Since I'm lame at measuring things, I didn't and just ordered one.  Well, it came in and looks miniature in comparison to our federal sofa, so I ordered another a few inches smaller and they'll stack. 

When searching for maximalist decor on Pinterest, the Brits are doing it best right now.  This cone lampshade from Love Frankie wowed me and it's being created now and on it's way over the pond in about 5 weeks!  Crossing my fingers it lands before the final reveal!  Haven't jumped on it yet, but the other new lighting addition would be coming from Europe as well, from Neon Beach.  Please don't kill my vibe, ha! But more about that next week when I share all of the plans for artwork!






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