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Magical Fine Art to Elevate Your Mood This Spring

 With the Freshness of Spring Comes the Feelings of Excitement and Joy.

When we think of this season we think of warm sunshine, blooming flowers, and of course all the cute little critters that come out of their homes to play and bask in the newness!

This is why I have decided to create my new signature pieces celebrating the delightful fox and bunny rabbit. Keep reading to see why these animals inspired me, and how I have designed them to uplift you and give your space that magical pop.




Where it All Began

As a young girl, I spent a lot of time in my grandmother’s antique stores. She was a women of refined style with a passion for antiques. I was fascinated by so many of the pieces I would encounter on daily basis.

Being surrounded by antiques felt like a wonderland of surprises. Each day was an adventure, and you never knew what you’d find.

My favorite pieces in her shops were the animal figurines. There was something so special about how delicate and whimsical they were. I also gathered inspiration from the ornate wood carvings, the intricate textures, and the embroidered silk fabrics of the antique furniture.  This combination of animals and styles has become a staple in my collection to this day. 




Animal Inspiration

One highlight of my art process involves going to antique stores to find what lights me up and makes me want to create. The whimsical nature and refined style of animal pieces and décor really drives my vision.

About 10 years ago on a weekly visit to a local shop, I picked up a children’s book that immediately created such feelings of excitement. I knew I needed to design and share what I felt. These designs happened to be bunnies and foxes! I began painting them and creating fine art pieces centered around their sweetness and joy. People loved them and used them for children’s rooms as well as living spaces for that extra wow factor.


It is my pleasure to present to you, for Spring 2022,
the magical Foxes on Furniture and Hares on Chairs Collection.



Behind the Design

Each oil painting in this collection was designed to make you feel cheerful and bring a sense of fun into your space.

I created them with a shimmer oil paint to maximize the luxurious feel and finished them with a resin to add a heightened extravagance.

The first piece in this collection is titled “The Bunny and The Butterfly.”  This lovely painting embodies the magic of innocence. With the floral motif background, it’s sure to capture your inner child.

Up next we have “Sly Settee Sitter." This playful little guy siting atop a rich silk fabric settee, will bring a frolicsome and lively vibe into your atmosphere.

Next is “Hare on a Chair.” The bunny rabbit posing nobly in a beautifully vibrant green chair, really gives off a sweet yet proud vibe.

And last but not least in this collection, is the “Smug Fox.” His mischievous and content grin, displays the perfect representation of a fox in it’s natural state.


To see more detailed photos of the paintings, click here.




Bloomed and Ready for You

Foxes on Furniture and Hares on Chairs has been an absolute JOY to create and share with you. These pieces are perfect for Easter and the spring season. I know you are feeling the excitement and ready to get these on your walls!

To see the whole collection and purchase from Dorothy Art, you can click here!


As always, thanks for being apart of this art making journey with me.




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