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“I Want to Fly Away” Birds Oil Painting Release


I mean, aren’t you ready to FLY THE COOP?!  We are in our 6th week of “stay at home” quarantine due to covid-19 and our 8.5 week since the kids have been in school due to spring break rolled in... but who’s counting?!

Sometimes I feel like I just need to fly away, that fight or flight kicks in and I daydream of sprinting as far as I can or sneaking away to a tropical island, but then reality hits and I’m reminded that the entire earth as we know it is frozen.

So let us all find whimsy and beauty in the flight of the bird. Not caged, they’re still singing in this springtime air. Or... are these gold leafed pupils up to no good? Because #birdsarentreal and the plan is working...

...hahahaaaaa jk I’m not that crazy. I mean, yes I am going slightly insane staying at home with two young children but no, not that crazy, right?!  RIGHT?! 🤣🙃

The Dorothy Art “I Want to Fly Away” consists of 5 larger pieces, high contrast with neon oil paints atop a black background and gold leaf, some with pink, blue, and purple foil!  Concluding the collection are 5 Florentine panels and 2 Florentine altars with mixed media birds atop Dorothy’s signature sheet music collage. 

Shop the collection here. 


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