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Custom Framing Beetle Art Prints with 1910 Frame Works - 20% off for you until September 8th!

The final touches are what makes all the difference to bring that wow factor when designing a space.  When choosing framing options for wall art, I want it to bring a bigger impact to the overall aesthetic of the artwork.  For affordable art like prints, for me that means finding a frame that will make the viewer do a double take.  I've teamed up with a local frame shop in Memphis to bring that eye candy to you!

1910 Frame Works is celebrating their 43rd birthday!  From now until September 8th, enjoy custom framing for 20% off!  I was beyond pleased to get to highlight their craft when choosing how to display my new Dorothy Art beetle fine art prints.  From the moment I stepped in the store, I knew that I would be able to find something that framed my artwork and complimented it well.


Watching the owner, Sarah Crawford, go to work pairing mattes and frame samples was like magic.  She walked me through the thought process of what colors she was matching, how some colors highlighted the artwork and then which frame samples would work in the artwork's favor.  Sarah is a visual artist herself, she creates high impact storefront window displays, so she and her team bring all of their past expertise when building your custom piece. 

Since my piece was nature centered, we decided on a gilded frame with a leaf impression.  The gold really illuminated the fine details of the bug's shell.  One of the many things I love about custom framing is that is really can bring an otherwise small piece come together.  When thinking about two very small 8x10" prints, you can add a thick matte and  thicker frame and pair two pieces of art to make a very powerful display in your space. 


1910 Frame Works cuts and hand builds every frame in their workshop, meaning you get a unique piece that is totally custom made for you.  They offer UV - protective glass to protect your artwork and heirlooms from fading and damage.  Definitely something store - bought frames don't offer!  I love this because these pieces are in a well lit area and I want them to last for years to come. 


1910 Frame Works is located at 2029 Union Avenue, Memphis, TN 38104.  OPEN FOR REGULAR HOURS (Tuesday-Friday: 9am-6pm, Saturday: 9am-4pm) PLEASE CALL AHEAD AND MAKE AN APPOINTMENT TO FRAME (901) 274-1910. PLEASE WEAR A MASK.



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